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Welcome to the U.S Department of Interior Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Public Access Link (PAL).

This portal allows members of the public to access previously requested records, submit a FOIA request, and check the status of their outstanding request(s). 

DOI FOIA Library and Reading Rooms

Visit our agency component reading rooms, the records you seek may already be posted publicly.

To Submit a FOIA Request Online

To file a FOIA request through Public Access Link (PAL) for the Department of the Interior you must register for an account.  Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required. You may log in to your existing profile by clicking Sign In or use the links provided in the upper corner of this page.

The Office of Inspector General is not accepting FOIA requests through the Public Access Link (PAL). You may file a request with the Office of Inspector General at:

To file your request electronically without a PAL account please go to  

To Check the Status of a FOIA Request

If you are a registered requester with this online submission site you can Sign In to view the status of your request(s), send a message to the FOIA Office, or download responsive records once they are delivered.

If you are not a registered requester you can still check the status of your request by clicking on Check Request Status in the toolbar. Be prepared to enter the tracking number provided by the FOIA Office to retrieve the status of your request.  

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